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Adjustment of members' schedules is fun and easy

When deciding date and time of a drinking party or a meeting, isn’t it troublesome to check the member's schedule by e-mail, etc., tabulate, and determine the schedule? This website will create a schedule adjustment guide and create a page where your members can register answers by simple operations. It also provides useful functions such as specifying time zones, displaying destination maps, and adding comments. Operation is easy and free. Please use it freely.
* 1 The created schedule adjustment guide page will be deleted 30 days after the last candidate date of the schedule.

Features of Schedule Adjustment System "Sukejuro"

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This web site is a free schedule adjustment system that provides the following services.

  • You can create easy-to-use and beautiful schedule adjustment pages
    Enter the event details and select a schedule. Then a schedule adjustment page will be created automatically. You can see the total number of participants for each schedule at a glance. sample
  • Your members can register answers on an easy-to-see page.
    To register the answers, just click on the availability on each day.
  • Comment function
    From the schedule adjustment page, your members can add comments with any number of face icons. There is no doubt about the excitement!
  • No personal information required
    Member registration is not required. No personal name or email address is required. (Excluding copy of e-mail)
  • No installation required! It works only with browser
    No installation required! You can make it on a browser and check it on the browser. A cloud-based service that can be used from both PC and smartphone.
  • Easy to use on mobile terminals
    It displays with appropriate size on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can check the list of participating members locally. You can also use the comment function for quick communication.
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