Creating a schedule adjustment page

Enter the date, time and location to schedule the event. When you're done, click the "Check your entries" button.

How to use

(1)Determine the Schedule

  1. Click the “Schedule” tab.
  2. Enter the title, description, representative name, email address for confirmation, and password for editing.
  3. From the calendar, select multiple candidate dates for the event. To delete a candidate date, click the trash button.

(2) Determine the time zone

  1. Click the “Time” tab.
  2. To specify the start time and end time for each event schedule, click the "Specify time zone" button and follow the steps below. If you do not need the time zone, click the "Do not specify time zone" button.
  3. A time zone slider is displayed for each schedule. Move the start time and end time to specify the time zone.

(3) Set the destination location

  1. Click the “Location” tab.
  2. While viewing the map, click on the destination or landmark to place a marker. Enter the destination location in the search box and click the search button to search for the destination. If you do not need to display the location, click the "Do not specify location" button.

(4)Others Set the type of options

  1. Click the “Other” tab.
  2. You can select the type of choice that the respondent chooses, such as binary or triple.

(5)Check your entries

  1. If you click the “Check your entries” button, a confirmation screen will be displayed.
  2. To correct the contents, click the "Back" button at the top of the screen.

(6)Create an event information page

  1. Check if the contents of the confirmation screen are correct.
  2. Answer the security questions and click the "Create an event information page" button.

How to register your answer

Register your schedule

  1. Click the “Register your schedule” button.
  2. Enter your name and select an answer for each schedule.
  3. Enter a password for editing (optional). This password is required to change the schedule.
  4. Enter a comment (optional). You can select facial expressions and emotions from the icons at the bottom.
  5. Click the “Register your answer” button.
  6. A list of answers will appear, showing your plan and the comments you have entered. The added comment cannot be changed.
  7. Click the link with your name to change your answer.

Add a comment

  1. Click the "Add comment" button on the answer list screen to display the comment addition screen.
  2. Enter your name and comment and click the "Register comment" button to add a comment.